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Do you know what a palimpsest is? It’s one of my favorite words just ’cause it means something so beautiful: Literally, it’s a piece of parchment that has been erased and then reused, and you can see light traces of the old writing underneath the new. There are so many different kinds of palimpsests in life: architectural ones, where you can tell that your doctor’s office used to be someone’s home or like how there was this bar we used to go to in Chicago where they peeled back many layers of paint and wallpaper to reveal the most beautiful old wallpaper from the ’30s; art ones, e.g., when a new picture is painted over an existing one and a trace of the old one shows through; emotional ones, like the way memory works in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Or my favorite one: How Johnny Depp turned his WINONA FOREVER tattoo into WINO FOREVER. Close second: How Pamela Anderson turned her TOMMY tattoo into MOMMY. Just anything where you can see traces of the past poking through to the present. Or even, if you wanna get REAL DEEP, the way each day erases the one before so you can write a new one.

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Louis C.K. and the poetry of sadness.

"Underneath everything in your life there’s that thing. That empty forever empty..that knowledge that it’s all for nothing and you’re alone." 

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in our society, especially being a woman, can be difficult when we are constantly bombarded with the fear of aging. more specifically, the loss of our existence as we age.

during a recent conversation, many stories of death to friends & loved ones arose, many who left our world a little too early, a little too young. they had hopes, aspirations and dreams of the many days, months, years ahead of them, but without any notice, left without being able to see the outcome of their visions.

nothing in life is guaranteed. tomorrow, the next moment, nothing. as i type this, i could move onto the next lifetime in an instant. no one ever knows when it is their turn to go.

with such thoughts, i began to ponder about this thing we fear called “aging”. what is so wrong with it? if it is a blessing to even live one more day, one more moment on this earth, why do we not find gratitude in our existence?

as we age, we are allowed to see more, experience more, feel more. our hearts have the opportunity to grow, to connect with others, to become the true form of our being. our time here should not be wasted on the worries of what others would think if we have a wrinkle, if our waist size is bigger or smaller than the average woman, that our hair is graying. these are not the things that define us — our true existence.

digging deeper, we’ll see that all our fears stem from a place of nonacceptance, non-confidence, of no love. if we were to have such things for ourselves and others, we’ll soon find that the things we judge one another about would disappear in an instant.

we feel invisible as we grow older because we allow our internal light to be overshadowed by our fear and thoughts. aging is beautiful if you allow yourself to be. it is a gift to grow one more day older, to be here to experience life, to have the chance to hug a loved one one more time, to laugh with friends again, to tell the most important people in your life directly how much you love them. all this is possible because we are here, right now.

there is a woman that i have known for over 10+ years. she is in her mid-70’s and is radiant than ever. her aura, her demeanor, her take on life, all come from a place of pure being. i have witnessed with my own eyes through knowing her that age is truly only a number and although we all will pass one day as our bodies are not eternal, our spirits do not have to be tied to our bodies. our existence can be free and infinite if we choose to be.

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no need to DO MORE or BE MORE. do what comes naturally to you and all will fall into place.

we all have our place on earth. some people are naturals when it comes to multitasking, being busy, while others are more equipped in doing one thing and exploring deeper. some are made to build mega companies, while others soar with a solo career.

knowing who you are and being truthful to your existence will allow for more space in the heart as well as outlook on life.

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Fossil, a lovely short animation by Lizzy Stewart…


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It’sNo Biggie, sweet animate gifs by Thoka Maer

It’sNo Biggie, sweet animate gifs by Thoka Maer

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Suggestions for notes to leave behind in the place where you just house/pet/plant sat. By Starlee Kline


Suggestions for notes to leave behind in the place where you just house/pet/plant sat:

This is the desk where early morning productivity was achieved.

This is the mirror where productivity dropped off in the afternoon and I stared at my face while assuring myself that no one looks good in sunglasses.

This is where I flipped through a fashion magazine and saw how everyone looks good in sunglasses. 

This is where I made myself feel better, judging you for having a fashion magazine subscription.

This is the counter with the single serve coffee machine where I most envied your life.

This is the dark, warm spot in the closet where I most envied your cat’s life.

This is the bowl that looks like it was your grandmother’s where I ate cashews and then rearranged the remaining cashews in to make it look like I hadn’t.

This is where I felt closest to you because I knew half the people in the photos on your fridge.

This is where I wondered why I wasn’t in a photo on your fridge.

There is where your cat was indifferent to how much cable I was watching.

This is where I questioned my taste in succulents. 

This is the dresser where I compared the cuteness of your baby pictures to mine.

This is the closet where I tried on three of your dresses.

This is the part of the living room where the light hit in a way that reminded me of my first apartment.

This is the rug which I laid on while looking up my college roommate.

This is the quilt in the trunk at the foot of your bed where I wondered whether I’d ever be able to have a family of my own, since I didn’t have the kind of childhood where handmade quilts got passed down.

This is where I caught the last five minutes of a movie my sister and I used to watch when we were kids and thought about calling to tell her I missed her but then a new movie started. 

This is where I spoke with a French accent to the delivery guy after not speaking all day.

This is where I traced guesses about your neighbor’s name on the shower tiles.

This is where I was tempted to read what appeared, judging by the hand-drawn hearts on the envelope and the wax seal, to be a love letter addressed to you, but resisted.

This is the old fashioned rotary dial phone on a hall table where a fight was picked with my boyfriend about why doesn’t he write me letters with seals and hearts.

This is where I stared into space after returning from the coffee place you recommended, where I ran into the last person I expected to see: the person I always want to see most. 


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More awesome outdoor art. By Lucas Zanatto.

More awesome outdoor art. By Lucas Zanatto.

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Chad Wright - Master Plan (2013)

"For the first part of this series, Wright created a mould in the form of an L-shaped suburban dwelling, and set out a series of sand castles on his local beach. This scale-model suburbia was washed away by the tide, which perhaps urges us to consider the relative transience of so solid a symbol of the American dream, particularly since the 2007 subprime mortgage collapse. "

Artist’s statement: 

"In Master Plan, I am conflating a child’s sandcastle with architecture typifying postwar American suburbia. This three-part series culls artifacts from my childhood, investigating suburbia in its vision and legacy.Phase One focuses on the mass-produced tract house, re-examining it as symbol for the model American Dream.”

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Maira Kalman is a Storyteller

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